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I am the CEO/ Of Total Source Consulting Services this company was founded by me in 2016, since then we have grown to be one of the vast moving financial institutions of its kind. A boutique experience that has more personal connections to our customers partnered with Covenant Keepers we do more than repair credit we change lives. 

The need for guidance on the path "life after credit repair" is an exciting yet stressful journey and I'm there every step of the way through my books you will find coaching and motivation that will not only strengthen your growth, skills and knowledge it's the power of belief that anything is possible if you just trust, bet and believe in you.
~ Derrick Pickett
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We'll increase your credits scores on all 3 bureaus in a matter of weeks and help you towards building credit independents. 
We help improve your credit profile making it easier to qualify for that new home loan and help you get the lowest interest rate
We help you establish a credit score so that you can qualify for traditional credit products like a credit card or an auto loan
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With the right information at the right time, in the right hands, These books will give you the knowledge you need and put you on your path to restoring your credit and give you the motivation to sustain your lifestyle with a lasting impact for years to come.

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